What Every Homeowner Likes to See in a Kitchen

Having a great kitchen makes a huge difference in the viability of any home. As one of the most commonly used rooms of the house, if not the most, your kitchen of all rooms needs to be functional, beautiful, and spacious enough for multiple people to be in. Here are a few things that are especially necessary in any top-notch kitchen!

Modern Appliances

Modern appliances make a big difference in any kitchen. Upgrading appliances to newer versions automatically gives an older kitchen a facelift. And alternatively, even in a relatively updated kitchen, old appliances can bring the whole space down.

As you think about the best appliances to update, make sure that you are investing in appliances that fit well together. Generally speaking, having different kitchen appliances in the same finish is a real positive for a lot of buyers. You may also want to invest in things like a nice hood—a hood will add visual appeal, improve air circulation, and add lighting.

Nice Floors

Another important feature that most home buyers are looking for is a nice floor. If you are in the process of building or remodeling your own kitchen, be sure to include this among your renovations. Ultimately, there are so many pros and cons to each flooring option you could go with. But while it’s easy to get caught up on how one kind of flooring looks, you won’t go wrong if you carefully consider durability versus style, as the amount of wear and tear it will get depends on how much your own kitchen is used.

One of the best options for kitchen floors that you should definitely consider is LVP or luxury vinyl planking. LVP is made to appear like wood but is virtually indestructible. And even if it does get damaged, you can replace a single plank instead of having to refinish the whole floor like you would with real wood floors.

Quality Countertops

Having quality countertops gives your kitchen a very updated look, but it also has practical use as well. Look at countertops made of materials like marble, granite, quartz, and even concrete for long-lasting durability and high quality. While this update can be a bit of an expense, it’s becoming more and more standard for a modern kitchen to have. Without quality countertops, your home resale value is definitely taking a hit!

Cabinet Space

Having a lot of cabinet space is perhaps one of the best things a kitchen can have. If there’s one upgrade to make a kitchen more functional, adding new cabinets might be it. New cabinets can provide more room which will then help homeowners cook more easily. This is especially true with adding cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling. When you add taller cabinets, you’ll give yourself additional shelves and add some more drama to your kitchen by emphasizing the height with the cabinets’ vertical lines.

Natural Light

Having a lot of natural light in a kitchen makes the space much more cheery and easier to work in. Because this space tends to be one that homeowners spend the most time in, big windows in the kitchen are a must. If possible, having the sink face a large window can be a great way to lessen the annoyance of washing dishes and help home owners feel more at home in their kitchen.

You can also bring in more light by using light colors in the kitchen, adding glass, and even having mirrors. These kinds of additions or changes allow the light that comes in through windows to bounce off and reflect off such surfaces.

A Good Sink

Having a good sink is a must for any buyer. There are a variety of different sinks that can look good in a kitchen, and fun unique materials like firestone, cast iron, and copper to choose from. Another thing to consider is multiple faucet options. A filtered water faucet or a built-in soap dispenser are helpful extra features. Also, most buyers will want to have a sprayer—this simple feature makes it so much easier to clean dishes of food scraps and to clean the sink itself. A four hole sink can accommodate any or all of these options, so take this into consideration. You should also make sure that the sink has a wide and deep basin. This will minimize splashing and make it easier for individuals to clean a lot of different items in the sink.

Kitchen Island

Having a good amount of counter space is a must for most home buyers. Buyers will need adequate space to actually cook and not bump into anyone else walking in the kitchen. If possible, add an island to the kitchen. An island allows you to add great counter space where you can prepare or serve food while also adding storage space. In addition, you can also add seating to one side of the island in the place of a bar.

A Good-Sized Pantry

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to most home buyers that they have a good-sized pantry where they will be able to keep food storage, cleaning supplies, and other cooking tools and supplies that wouldn’t fit in cabinets. A large pantry allows homeowners quick and easy access to anything they might need while cooking or cleaning the kitchen. While most prefer walk-in pantries, if your kitchen won’t reconfigure to accommodate such a space then a pull-out or swing-out pantry is still a large improvement from the reach-in option, that often leads to expired food, uncleaned spills, and lost items.

Remodeling a kitchen is hard work. But making even a few of these changes may be all that you need to give your kitchen a whole new look. Consult with a professional to make sure that remodels you are considering are doable and will actually add value to your home.

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