What Home Buyers Want to See Most in a Bathroom

A bathroom can be a major selling point for a home if it is done right, but if you are missing some key elements, it can bring your chances of selling down. Many things can be done to make your bathroom more beautiful and functional, all of which will make it more appealing to buyers. Here are a few things that the best bathrooms have in modern homes that are quick to sell.

A Separate Tub

Having a separate tub in the master bathroom creates a luxurious feeling that works well for people. Having a separate tub also just makes a lot of sense if you have a large bathroom since it makes the layout more useful. Creating a stylish and open bathroom with a separate tub can ensure that future buyers have a bathroom that fits all of their needs. It gives them the feeling of luxury that a full master bathroom can provide.

Storage Space

Many things are needed in any bathroom, so making sure that you have a lot of storage space can make it appealing. Storage can range from open shelving to cabinets or even a niche in the shower area. Thinking about the best ways to add storage to your bathroom can help you become even more appealing for potential buyers. Look for storage options that are attractive and large and can make your bathroom even more useful. Having space for towels, toiletries, and even cleaning basics can feel like a real essential for a bathroom. Even changing out your mirror for a medicine cabinet can bring in extra storage, especially if the bathroom is particularly small.

Heated Floors

Heated flooring is a luxury that more and more buyers are looking for in their bathroom spaces. Adding in heated flooring will make the bathroom more comfortable all year long and make getting out of bed in the morning a little more exciting, knowing that a warm floor awaits in the adjoined bathroom. Adding heated flooring does add a bit of expense, but it is worth it. This is especially true in the bathroom and other spaces where bare feet are to be expected. One of the best things about heated flooring is that it is incredibly efficient, and it can help improve the experience of getting out of the shower each day.


Bathroom ventilation is an essential for modern bathrooms, and it’s often missing from older models. Mold is much more likely when there’s no HVAC system in the bathroom. That means that adding ventilation to a bathroom is a safety feature as well as a matter of convenience. Current buyers are looking for bathrooms with ventilation so that they can keep down the chances of mold and lower the moisture in their bathroom spaces. Luckily, adding in ventilation is usually pretty manageable and can make your bathroom much more palatable to buyers across the spectrum.

Beautiful Tiling

Great tile can turn a dreary bathroom space into a beautiful and relaxing place to get ready in the morning and wind down at night. Putting simple tile into a bathroom with a small section of accent tile can help your bathroom to feel and look better, no matter how already looks. There is tile available to suit pretty much any style, but if you are adding in tile to bring in buyers, it is probably best to stick with a fairly neutral tile design with an accent, so you aren’t excluding any buyers in particular. Looking around at a local hardware store or even browsing for tile online can give you some great ideas for beautiful and appealing tile.

Natural Light

Because many people use their bathrooms to get ready in the morning, having flattering natural light is a huge advantage. If adding a window to your bathroom is a possibility, that can be a great way to bring in that natural light and make the area feel more welcoming and warmer. A skylight can also add to the natural light of a space, without getting rid of any privacy. If you can’t bring more natural light into the room, adding large mirrors can help the area feel lighter and bring in the feeling of natural light to your bathroom.

A Great Vanity

A vanity is an important part of any bathroom because it can add both style and function. Choosing the right vanity for a bathroom is about finding a great color combo and getting the size right. A big vanity can add a lot of storage, but in some bathrooms, it can make the space feel smaller and less usable. You want to choose a vanity that has as much storage as possible without taking up too much space in your bathroom. Depending on the shape of your bathroom, a long but narrow vanity may be an option that gives you the best of both worlds.

Upgraded Fixtures

Your bathroom fixtures can be the thing that helps take your bathroom to the next level. Having great lighting and excellent faucets and showerheads can make your bathroom look more beautiful and finish off the look in a professional and useful way. Fixtures are also usually a fairly cheap upgrade, so you can make a better impression with your bathroom without needing to spend a bunch of extra money before your sale. Choosing fixtures with similar finishes can help you to create cohesion in the space.

Bathrooms are an important part of every home. Making improvements to it can make it a great place for buyers to imagine their lives. Understanding what buyers want will help make your bathroom the best it can be, so you can get the sale you need.

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