What to Know About Setting Up Backyard Lighting

Lighting is one of the best things you can do to make your backyard space even more usable all year long. Adding lighting to your backyard can be a lot of fun, but you also need to know a little bit about it before you start setting up. The more you know about lighting your backyard the better the process will go and the more fun you’ll have once you get to enjoy your well-lit backyard.

What the Purpose Is

Exterior lighting may seem like a simple thing but there are actually many kinds of lighting with very different purposes. If you want to illuminate your landscaping, you want lighting that provides great light whenever it’s on. If you like to have parties, you may want decorative lighting that helps to set the mood. If you are worried about people trespassing, you may want to add motion sensing light that can discourage trespassing. This kind of light can also be helpful if you go outside at night and want to have light without needing to switch it on at the light switch.

Your Climate

The climate you live in can also affect the kind of lighting you need to have for your backyard. Lighting fixtures have different outdoor ratings that make them acceptable for different climates. Some kinds of lighting are brighter or dimmer than others, and if you live in a darker environment, that may impact the light you should use. There are also light fixtures that are more or less appropriate for different kinds of weather and using the wrong kind for your climate could lead to major problems. 


There are also many different efficiencies of lights, and if you are worried about efficiency, you should think about it when choosing fixtures and bulbs. There have been great advances in lighting over the past couple decades and now you can find beautiful fixtures that are incredibly efficient. Figuring out lighting that will be easy on your electric payment can help you to get more out of the lighting you choose to install.

It is so important to light your backyard in a way that fits your needs, your climate, and your budget. When you choose lighting that meets all of those needs, you will be happier in your backyard and your home. And when you are happy in your home, your whole life is a little bit more enjoyable.

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