What to Know Before Selecting a Heating System

With fall fully set in and winter well and truly on the way, this is not the time to be caught without a way to stay warm. All homes should have some sort of heating system. Not all heating systems are created equal though. So what should you consider when deciding which heating system is appropriate for any given home?

Your Local Climate

What are the winters like in your area? Homes in locations with harsh, freezing winters will have different heating needs than those located in places with relatively mild winters. Furnaces use a standard combustion process to generate heat. That makes them a good option for homes that need more heat to stay comfortably warm. 

On the other hand, a heat pump may be more appropriate for a home that doesn’t require as much heating power. You should also consider the impact that the size of the heater will have. Smaller heaters will generate less heat and have to run more frequently to try to make up for it, making them a poor option for homes that need greater amounts of heating.


System efficiency is another area where heating systems may differ from one another. Radiant heating uses less energy than forced air heating systems, for example. More efficient heating systems will use less energy, making them more environmentally friendly (as long as you aren’t running them more because they don’t generate the heat you want). 

Using less energy also means good things for your wallet. Given all the holidays that come around when you rely on your heating system the most, that’s sure to feel good.

Fuel Sources

Not all fuel options may be available in all areas. Because of that, consider what fuel source options are available in the area before deciding on a heating system. Consider how costly that fuel is and how easy it is to get it to the house as well. You don’t want to purchase a heating system only to discover that it can’t be fueled either because the fuel is too expensive or the house isn’t set up to provide access to it.

Choosing the right heating system for a home makes a huge difference in how well the system heats the house and how costly it is. This isn’t a decision that should be made without careful consideration. Consult with heat system professionals to get an idea of what sort of system will be most suitable for the house, what it will cost to install, and what ongoing costs and maintenance will look like down the road. All of that information will help you understand which option makes the most sense.

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