What to Look for When Shopping for an Apartment

Whether you’re looking for your first apartment or just want new digs, you need to know what to look for. Rushing into buying an apartment without preparation is never a good idea, and can have serious financial consequences. Granted, if you’re a first-time apartment buyer, you might not know what to keep an eye out for. Here are some things you should look for when shopping for an apartment.

Apartment Safety

When searching for an apartment, the first thing you should always look for is how safe the apartment is. A safe apartment should include secure door and window locks, an intercom system, a fire alarm, and a map with directions to the nearest exit encase of an emergency. Granted, there’s no need to make the apartment a fortress, but there should always be a deadbolt on the door and a fire alarm. It also helps to have the apartment in a managed building, which practically doubles your protection. If an apartment doesn’t have any of the above, you might want to look elsewhere.


If you have a family, you should look for family-specific amenities before deciding to buy. Some family-friendly amenities include a pool, playroom, a rooftop deck, a lounge, a game room, and a parking garage. However, family-friendly amenities aren’t limited to the apartment building. Look around the area to see if there is a school, daycare or playground. While not all these amenities may not be available, the apartment building should have at least a few.

If It’s Pet-Friendly

If you plan on bringing your pet, you must make sure the building allows them. Not every apartment complex allows its tenants to have a pet. This mainly due to all the risks that come with them such as property damage and liabilities. Furthermore, even if a building is pet-friendly, you might have to pay a fee for them. Whether it’s a one-time fee or one flat fee, what you have to pay monthly is up to the landlord.

Apartment hunting is no different than looking for a house or condo. While the requirements may differ slightly, you still need to look out for certain things. What’s listed above, in addition to what your own personal requirements, are things you should always look out for in a new apartment.

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