What to Think About Before Buying a Big House

Whether your family is growing, your income is increasing, or you’re just ready for some more space to live in, it may be a good time to consider upsizing your living space! However, buying a big house comes with a number of changes you may not realize. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you look into house sizes for you or your family.

Higher Utility Bills

More space in general means more space to light, heat, cool, and to power. Your energy expenditure will have to go up to support the power necessary for each room to be comfortable and functional. You can offset some of this cost by implementing energy-efficient technology such as sensor-lighting, ceiling fans, or even solar-powered water heaters and lighting, or insulating your home during cold months by putting drapes on windows, rugs on floors, and keeping unused rooms’ doors closed. Even with these precautions, your utility bills are almost guaranteed to be significantly higher than what you may be used to, so be prepared for a (potentially steep) increase in utility bills!

Maintenance Demand

More space in general also means more space to take care of. The amount of maintenance and cleaning required for your home will require more time, energy, and resources than for small homes. Rather than using your own knowledge of your house to look for damages and weak spots, you may need to hire an independent home inspector to take inventory of your home. 

These professionals are trained to notice the details that you could overlook in an overwhelmingly large space. In addition, their experience with other large homes makes them privy to common issues that you would be unaware of! Know that the sheer amount of area to cover will mean a definite increase in your maintenance practices. For example, long driveways are more difficult to maintain and require more paving work.


The location of your home may be an important factor in your living circumstances. If you require certain proximity to resources, family, or employment, this can lessen the number of homes that you have access to. The big homes that do exist within that perimeter will need to be within your budget. Research the neighborhoods that fit into your wants and needs, and double-check their extra costs for amenities and taxes before seriously considering the area!


There is plenty to love about a big home, but being prepared for the work and financial commitment that comes with it, in the long run, are extremely important to take into account before you buy a property. Keep these things in mind, and find the perfect fit for you!

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