When is the Best Time to Make a Move for the Best Deal?

Moving is always a challenge, but it can be even more so for clients if they’re struggling to secure a good deal. Sometimes by being able to choose the timing of your move, however, home buyers can get a better deal and have less competition when choosing a place. While people can’t always choose when they move, it helps to know the best times so you can advise clients on the most affordable times of year.


The fall is always a special time of year, and it comes with some great benefits when people are looking to move from their home. The fall season is outside of the busiest times for buying and selling homes in the US, but it is also a time of great weather. This means that they will have less competition for the homes they look at while still enjoying decent weather when the time comes to start loading boxes. They can also hire movers more easily since they won’t be competing for slots with quite as many people as you would be during the peak seasons of spring and summer.


Winter is a great time to move as well, mostly because there is often less competition. It can be easier to find housing during the winter because fewer people are willing to make a move. Winter also comes with challenges, of course, because of the weather in the winter months that makes moving furniture especially difficult. But if you help your clients feel confident and comfortable with moving during the winter, it can be an ideal time to get a deal on a home.

When You Have To 

Sometimes people don’t get to choose when they move, because they need to relocate for work or another time-sensitive situation. If this is the case for your client, you should recommend they try to give themselves as much time as possible beforehand. Help them to look at as many options as there are so they have time to choose a house that best fits their needs. Of course, they may also consider renting briefly to spend time in the area and figure out a place to move permanently at a more convenient and affordable time.

Moving is a lot of work, but finding the right place to move can be even more so. If you can, advice clients to plan for a move at a more affordable time of year, so they can get more for their money and have more options. The goal is always to help a home buyer fall in love with a new property that fits their needs, and there are certain times of year where that’s easier than others!

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